Davidman’s Pesach Dead Sea

Davidman's Pesach 2024

Davidman’s Pesach 2024

at the
Vert Hotel and Spa – Dead Sea
(formerly the Crowne Plaza)

The most luxurious English Speaking Pesach Vacation, at an affordable price.

Pamper yourself & your Family

Scholar in Residence Rabbi Dr Aharon Adler

Exquisite Mehudar Kosher Cuisine – no Kitniyot, Shmita L’Chumra*

Family and Separate Swimming

Extensive Program with Nightly Entertainment

Free Wifi throughout the hotel

Join Davidman’s Pesach – more than 30 years of great Pesach programs for a vacation that you will never forget. This year, as in the past, we will be at one of the most beautiful places on earth, the Dead Sea, which was nominated as one of the modern Wonders of the World.

Davidman's Pesach 2024

Our program is the only full English speaking program at a luxury Hotel at the Dead Sea, situated on the new renovated beach.

Immediate beach access, right next to the hotel, so you can float in the beautiful Dead Sea. The Hotel has a wonderful hospitable staff whose goal is to please and pamper our guests.

Situated at the lowest place on earth, with the most breathtaking views, the Vert Hotel Dead Sea is waiting to pamper our guests. This elegant hotel with exceptional service and outstanding and innovative cuisine (even on Pesach) offers an ideal vacation in the heart of the desert. The hotel ideally fits into its unique natural surroundings supplying our guests with all the essentials required for a wonderful vacation. The superb spa will spoil our guests with the availability of dozens of treatments.

COVID-19 rules include deep cleaning with hospital-grade disinfectants, and guests can expect to see enhanced procedures.

*Kashrut Mehudarim Shmita L’Chumra: All food products will be mehadrin without Kitniyot and Shmita L’Chumra under the supervision of HaRav Efrati. Including all types of vegetables. Leafy and Red & White Cabbage will be bug free. All Matzah Products will be Shmurah including Hand Shmurah Matzah at the Seders.

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