Davidman’s Pesach Package

Our Pesach Package Includes:

  • Accommodation in renovated rooms with Dead Sea view.
  • Lunch Erev Pesach
  • 1st Seder (2nd Seder for tourists)
  • On Shabbat and Chag Mornings this year the Dining Room will be open for Kiddush & Breakfast regular hours. Tefila will be divided into several minyans at different locations and times (as opposed to having one large minyan of everyone together). For those going to the earlier minyan before the Dining Room opens, there will be coffee and cake available. There will also be a Full Meat Buffet Lunch. (Full Dinner after Maariv)
  • On Chol Hamoed (weekdays) Half Board; breakfast, sweet hour and dinner.
  • Every afternoon during Pesach there will be a delicious afternoon sweet hour for all our guests.
  • Lecture program with our outstanding scholars in residence and other guest speakers.
  • Live entertainment program every evening during Chol Hamoed (weekdays)
  • Activity program for adults, children and teenagers
  • Children’s supervised club.
  • The only Luxury Hotel situated right on the beach at the Dead Sea with a full English Speaking program.
  • Unique atmosphere.
  • Kashrut Mehudarim Shmita L’Chumra: All food products will be mehadrin without Kitniyot and Shmita L’Chumra under the supervision of Harav Efrati. Including all types of vegetables. Leafy and Red & White Cabbage will be bug free. All Matzah Products will be Shmurah including Hand Shmurah Matzah at the Seders. All questions and disputes involving Kashrut will be settled by Harav Shlomo Landau.


Not Included

  • Group Tip – 600 NIS per room (75 NIS per night) – Tips will be collected at the Hotel in cash so they can be properly & equally distributed to all departments in the hotel before we depart the Hotel.
  • Personal Tip – Those using Bellboys to assist with your baggage and anyone you feel treated you extra special and you would like to show some added appreciation.
  • Items of a personal nature such as drinks, laundry etc.

The Hotel will be following all the Covid Pandemic rules laid out by the Israeli Government. This may cause changes to the above. COVID-19 rules include deep cleaning with hospital-grade disinfectants, and guests can expect to see enhanced procedures, which may include: face covering requirements, various ways to reduce contact throughout the hotel, social distancing measures within public spaces and procedures based on local authorities’ guidance and/or advice.

Call or Email Lenny for more information and prices!