Davidman’s Pesach Package

Our Pesach Package Includes:

  • Lunch Erev Pesach
  • 1st Seder (2nd Seder for tourists)
  • Full Shabbat and Chag meals
  • On Chol Hamoed (weekdays) Half Board; breakfast, sweet hour and dinner
  • Every afternoon during Pesach there will be a delicious afternoon sweet hour for all our guests
  • Lecture program with our outstanding scholars in residence and other guest speakers
  • Live entertainment program every evening during Chol Hamoed (weekdays)
  • Activity program for adults, children and teenagers
  • Children’s supervised club
  • The only Luxury Hotel situated right on the beach at the Dead Sea with a full English Speaking program
  • Unique atmosphere
  • Free Wifi throughout the hotel
  • Kashrut Mehudarim Shmita L’Chumra: All food products will be mehadrin without Kitniyot and Shmita L’Chumra under the supervision of Harav Efrati. Including all types of vegetables. Leafy and Red & White Cabbage will be bug free. All Matzah Products will be Shmurah including Hand Shmurah Matzah at the Seders

Not Included

  • Group Tip – 600 NIS per room (or 90 NIS per night) – Tips will be collected at the Hotel in cash so they can be properly & equally distributed to all departments in the hotel before we depart the Hotel.
  • Personal Tip – Those using Bellboys to assist with your baggage and anyone you feel treated you extra special and you would like to show some added appreciation.
  • Items of a personal nature such as drinks, laundry etc.

The Hotel follows all the Covid-19 rules laid out by the Israeli Government. This may cause changes to the above.

Call or Email Lenny for more information and prices!

All items subject to change