• Outdoor Pool

Come and have fun or just relax in the spacious pool area which includes a beautiful unique large freshwater pool, as well as a children’s pool. Guests can access the superb beach directly from the pool area. There will be Separate Swimming in the morning hours 6:45am – 9am, followed by Family Swimming.

  • The Hotel’s Beach

The beach has been totally renovated. Full facilities are available on the beach including beach chairs, umbrellas and showers. No other Dead Sea hotel can match these facilities.

  • Health Spa

Our guests will be pampered at the hotel’s large and luxurious health spa offering a salt water heated pool, two Jacuzzis, two sulfur pools, wet and dry saunas and two pressure showers. A wide variety of treatments are available at the spa including Swedish aromatherapy massage, Reflexology, Shiatsu, Thai massage, Mud warps, Body peeling, Facial treatments, Pedicure and Manicures. Our guests are offered special packages that combine various treatments of the Dead Sea.

DINING FACILITIES – All food served in the hotel during Pesach is Kashrut Mehudarim Shmita L’Chumra*

  • Main Dining Room

The Main Dining room offers delicious meals. For breakfast a rich buffet is served with eggs to order. For lunch and dinner a meat buffet is offered with a wide choice of main courses and a carving station as well as a great salad bar and delicious desserts.

  • Lobby Coffee Lounge

The Carnival is the hotel’s dairy restaurant in the lobby,  serving an assortment of salads, snacks, dairy dishes, ice cream, homemade cakes (and even Kosher for Pesach Pizza) as well as a selection of hot and cold drinks. The coffee lounge is open daily from 11.00am until 11.00pm.

  • Poolside Snack Bar

The poolside snack bar serves meat dishes such as hot dogs, schnitzel, burgers, French fries, snacks, drinks and ices.

*Kashrut Mehudarim Shmita L’Chumra: All food products will be mehadrin without Kitniyot and Shmita L’Chumra under the supervision of Harav Efrati. Including all types of vegetables. Leafy and Red & White Cabbage will be bug free. All Matzah Products will be Shmurah including Hand Shmurah Matzah at the Seders. All questions and disputes involving Kashrut will be settled by Harav Shlomo Landau.

COVID-19 rules include deep cleaning with hospital-grade disinfectants.